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August 2003, a fledgling group of players banded together for a two-fold purpose: To play a game we all loved, and to do so with those of like mind. A Decade later that same group of people continue to grow in membership and camaraderie. While a few continue to play Asheron's Call, our core has answered the call of the Alliance to battle the Horde on the distant shores of Pandaria.

Behind the keyboard, as in life, we have many choices in how we conduct ourselves. Members of the Order of Kayoss are those who choose the path of generosity, decency, respect, honor and loyalty. We do not tolerate intentional griefing, stealing, begging or other unsavory behavior. If the way you enjoy the game is to use, abuse, insult or step on people to get what you want, please don't waste our time. Your stay here will be a short one.

We cherish the friendships we've developed in-game and often those spread to the real world. Our members have good will towards one another, provide help and assistance when they can and sympathies when they can't.

In a world fraught with danger, we look for skilled players to share in our trials. However it is not enough to be swift of wit and true of hand, but also strong of character and of a common mind. We are not a business here...
We are friends.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy the game, conquer new challenges and meet some great people,
then let us be the first to welcome you into The Order of Kayoss.

Jordvik and Kayoss - Guild Leaders, at your service.

The Order of Kayoss - A collection of monarchies dedicated to honor, conscience, integrity and friendship
working for the Alliance, in the realm of Thunderhorn, World of Warcraft.